Some proven tips to speak in your own English voice….

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Below is an introduction to our ‘Applied / \ English’ method. Please use our contact form if you would like to book a free individual needs analysis or if you have a question. We can then respond in an appropriate way. Thank you.

What we do to get you listening and talking in English

Real English is fun, musical and it’s spoken in chunks (pieces). But, it’s easier to just say ‘Funky Chunky English’.

We focus on conversation and we use techniques that go beyond the conventional classroom and grammar-based approaches.

Our Method complements approaches to learning English that are already well established in Italy like Cambridge University English, Oxford University English, TEFL and Shenker.

These techniques include:

  • Four models using your hands for knowing how to speak in English.
  • Profound insights into the many blocks that Italians can encounter when they try to make the leap from written English to speaking English.
  • Techniques for teaching cognitive skills and motor skills in sport e.g. ‘muscle memory’.
  • NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming) (PNL in Italian) and
  • Voice Coaching.

Our Method empowers Italians to converse in English in a natural way by giving them a functional fluency based on the following core knowledge:

  • Thinking, listening, and speaking in chunks (pieces) rather than full phrases
  • Thinking about logic and context rather than detailed grammar
  • Simple 3D methods for mastering personal pronouns
  • Fifty essential single syllable verbs for the most common Verb Phrases and Phrasal Verbs. These verbs are of Anglo-Saxon origin with essential concrete and abstract meanings.
  • A fundamental understanding of how to use English phrasal verbs
  • Techniques for mastering English intonation for both listening and speaking. These techniques focus on the musicality of English and how to breathe naturally when speaking.
  • Several exclusive models for mastering essential English grammar, focusing on tenses and aspects.
  • Learning materials that are multi-level so that learners with different levels of English can enjoy learning together and helping each other.

What the Method doesn’t do:

Our method focuses on the essentials that are needed to converse. We do not teach writing in English. However, your writing will improve because your Thinking, Listening, Speaking and Reading in English will all improve.

Our Method does not involve repetitive grammar exercises. There is less conventional study than in an academic course with a textbook. However, it still requires a commitment to immersion in English through listening to songs, watching appropriate films and some reading. For instance, depending on their level of English we encourage learners to listen to songs, podcasts or radio programmes while driving or commuting to and from work.

Home study matters but frequency and quality is more important than quality. So, learners need to take responsibility for their learning. They need to be active listeners, they need to think for themselves, and they need to immerse themselves in English with whatever passions they have (e.g. watching online videos about cooking, football or their work).

Passive learners who think the teacher must do all the work, may find our method to be unsuitable for them.

People who are experiencing lots of stress in life or at work should wait for calmer times. Because when the brain is ‘under pressure’ it prioritizes on survival. Secondary priorities like learning a new language are ignored at a subconscious level.